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"Kevin is an honest mechanic and really knows his stuff. The work is excellent under the hood and body work as well.  I am very grateful to have super auto repair as my auto shop as I drive a lot in Los Angeles." - Iris K.

"Best car mechanic shop I've ever been to. Fast, affordable and always a quality job. Kevin is a very helpful guy who will gladly take care of you and make sure you're getting the lowest price/ quality service. No hassle that typically comes with car mechanics.

I just moved to LA and tried out Super Auto based on yelp reviews and was very satisfied. My car had multiple issues pop up over one week and Kevin took care of them all at a low price. I even had one issue diagnosed by Culver City Honda that they estimated at $600, Kevin cut that price in half.

Kevin also fixed a faulty hood latch that no other mechanic could figure out. Would've cost my a lot to fix/replace at a dealership.

Could not ask for a better mechanic in LA. Will always be bringing my business to Kevin and the shop. Highly recommended." - Chris F.

"Love them! Our lifesaver. Although a bit unorthodox but helpful! Our car was dying while on the freeway and we just happen to pull off nearby. They were soooo nice to us. This place is so honest! We thought we might be easy prey but they charge very reasonable." - Christie M.

"I just happened to drive by this place on my way home one day and decided to stop in and see how much they would charge to replace the wing mirror on my passenger side. Kevin quoted the lowest price - and gave me the option of leaving it black (unpainted - the cheapest option) or having it color matched to my car. My car is dark grey so you can't really tell the mirror isn't painted to match my car, so I decided to leave it black for now.

I eventually need to have my bumper fixed (no money in the budget for that right now) and Kevin said he can give me a really good deal to paint the wing mirror when I'm ready to fix the bumper since they'll need to match the paint anyway.

I returned to him again a couple of weeks ago when Culver City Toyota quoted me $855 to replace two sensors on my 2007 RAV4. Kevin quoted several hundred less, using genuine Toyota parts. When I told Toyota I was taking my car elsewhere, they said they would match Kevin's price. My car was already there so I decided to go ahead and let Toyota do it.

As I was driving off away from the dealership, after they replaced the 2 sensors, I heard a loud hissing sound coming from my brakes and 3 of my dashboard lights came on about a mile down the road. I brought my car back to Toyota and they said I needed a break booster - the cost was over $1k! I called Kevin and he came in at almost half that price. I promptly had my car towed over to Kevin even though the dealer pleaded with me to allow them to fix it and offered to reduce their price down to $650 (still not as low as Kevin) and throw in a free rental car.

Kevin had my car ready the next day! And he replaced my driver side lighted visor/mirror for less than half of what the dealership tried to charge me.

Kevin is one of the honest mechanics out there. I will not be taking my car to the dealership anymore. Kevin will be my first stop from now on." - Sabrina S.

Super Auto Repair

6144 Venice Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90034


Tel:  (310) 837-5133

Fax: (310) 837-5136


Email: info@superautorepair.com


Business Hours

M-F 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Sat 8:00AM to 12:00PM

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